Friday, February 27, 2015



A Grand Farewell to Actor Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Mr. Spock, dies at 83. May you live long and prosper in our Hearts forever.  #5EW   

                                                      Thank you for the art work Royal D' Art.

Royal D' : "i held on to this way too long, i had wanted to release this for a while already, it just so happened he passed. I was suppose to summit this piece last year to a firends comic con art show. From everyone asking me were the W was in the 5EW logo i designed. I thought since Spock Represents a smart character i could make it clear that the W was in your hands. The power is in your hands. Think and create to inspire, and thats what I'm hear doing, living long and prospering in the west coast, in Los Angeles CA, with 5EW."

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


5EW's ROYAL D ART Painting On The Ring in The MGM GRAND

Currently, the painting has gone viral and is
 still receiving massive attention. We are very happy that you have had the opportunity to see painting. 
5EW @ the Floyd Mayweather jr. and Marcos Maidana fight for the WBC/WBA welterweight for the unification fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 3, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unexpected was the appearance of artist ROYLA D ART with a painting to be remembered through the ages.
 Nothing could represent any champion of this caliber better than a genuine 24k gold painting created by the artist Royal D Art.  The day before the fight,  the artist walked into the MGM GRANDS entrance with a hand crafted case rapped in black snake skin and unveiled a genuine 24k gold painting of the fighter,  Floyd Mayweather, jr. Floyd  Mayweather jr, a boxer who has risen to the top, brought himself an extravagant life style that has taken years of hard work and dedication to achieve ,who is known as "Money" in the boxing world for not just being the highest paid boxer, but also the highest paid athlete in the world, He is the undisputed welterweight champion, a unified five-division champion, winner of eight world titles with lineal championships in three different weight classes, rated at the best pound for pound boxer in the world by many sporting news and boxing websites. After just minutes of walking through the door and propping the painting up in the entrance of the MGM grand, there was a real sense of “Automatic Museum Mode” as the artist states. The crowd of people covered the painting as everyone respectful waited to take a picture in front of the “Money” painting. When it was time to leave, the artist attempted to pack up the painting when he was asked by security not to touch it.   The artist used his identification, not only on the back of the painting, but also pulled up his sleeve to reveal his tattooed arm which reads, "Royal D Art".   It was the painting of Royal D Art.

                          The painting has been exposed to social media worldwide with a following online including media coverage from the artist as he was painting it. The painting was first unveiled at the artist first solo art show “Violently Peaceful” on December 7, 2013. 
The painting is currently up for bid. The starting bid is $500,000 which does not include rights to the image, but comes with its custom certificate of authenticity and a briefcase for the painting which were both hand crafted by the artist himself.

After continuous offers for the painting and requests at the event, we are currently working on affordable prints signed and numbered by the artist.  Visit our online store at and you can view our news feeds on upcoming events here at your official 5EW news spot  Look out for Royal D Art at the MGM for Floyd Mayweather’s September fight.

Friday, April 18, 2014



upload  your art work of the 5EW logo  as a message to the i am 5EW facebook site , the best works of  Art not only get up on the 5ew instagram  but your states flag will be represented big here on this page, your flag will be linked to your facebook , website , or other media page so people can check out the Artist and there other works of ART, we feature 2 artists mountly work (no age limitation) . 5EW gives Credit to the artist's who join the movement world wide,  Download  5EW Logo.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


5EW presents Derek Rodarte

Derek Rodarte in his one night only Exclusive solo Art Exhibition titled VIOLENTLY PEACEFUL- a representation of Derek Rodarte and his alter egos Royal, D , and art in his Past, Present and Future. The Art show stems from his life's work developing into a feature film. Derek Rodarte Looks to his art in funding the creation of his movie about a young artist who find's himself caught in the battle of a life time.

 This show is the newest #sensationally #exceptionally #masterminded art show to ever slap down on the face of #Art #history.
 IF YOUR'RE A DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, ACTOR, ART LOVER, ART COLLECTOR THIS IS NOT A PRIVATE ART SHOW YOU WANT TO... MISS OUT ON!!!  There's a Radical diversity in his work that will leave you extremely inspired if not excited to start painting yourself, There you will see not only his signed Johnny Depp but also a reveling of his newest Fresh painting of Floyd Mayweather in 24k GOLD selling for $500,000
This large body of work includes a variety of mediums displaying the diversity in his talented whirlwind mind. From his concepts and creation of 5EW to drawings, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, film, music, 3D animation. Rodarte showcases two installments called "bedroom" and "bathroom". Derek Rodarte Divulges his Brand and even a piece from his jewelry line Derek Rodarte, Inspired by Androdica his future, which is a series of paintings inspired by patterns from ancient civilizations. Derek Rodarte's life unfolds on the big screen with live video Dj, Dj Peaches displaying his life documented as the painter that's known on the internet as the poetic painter Royal D Art creator of 5EW. Don't forget to show on time for the live music performances by Randy Chambers opening the event with the national anthem, following later on with an acoustic set from Doug Means
One night only, come get that money from Royal. Great keepsake and good place for a signature


Take some stickers, slap them up on some cool stuff take a pictuer and send it to us at and will send you more stickers!!! the coolest pics will make it up on are instagram so be sure to email us will your instagram IG so we can follow you back

Don't miss this show, no artist in art #history has remotely came close to what's about to take place.                                                     

Come meet characters from our movie, meet and Greet the Artist, Painter, Director himself.
painting was a way to see my soul and the evolution of my mind as I viewed age."- Royal D Art!

This show will be filmed!!! 
10825 orr & day santa fe srings
For more info Call 5EW STUDIOS @ (818)-724-4086 

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Early this week i posted on Instagram what is the beginning of this new project im working on for the company i creative canvas. This is an official look at the project as of now.the company is look to brand there name with there name, so in doing so i came up with an interesting story for there media usage.- in the picture above you can see the raw rendering. Below is concept shot for After Effects for post production .

i am the solo artist on this project. Takeing it from concept, story line, storyboard, modeling, animating and rendering so ill be posting as i continue.

(in this scene you see the Hero ninja named I fighting his enemy Delay in battle for the coded scroll canvas)

looking forward to seeing it on there website soon


To get linked up with the Artist Royal D' Art . Add him to your Instagram by clicking the badge below.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012




The "Androtica Series" is a collection of 33 original paintings inspired by ancient patterns from advanced civilizations, humanoid beings from a subatomic world and the Singularity. The sophisticated often subliminal erotic undertones of light, form and complex patterns weave to form an intricate glimpse of something born from the world of Androtica.

 well This long awaited collection about to make way this summer.  Art Worlds  renown Royal D Art release's a short of last years works naming it as an art piece called Recap. This collection of video take's you through some key moment of discovery for young man Royal, as he unlocks an understanding of his new profound style still off the market, but still offering this discreet view into his creative process. ANDRODICA said to be released late this summer along with his B/W 16mm short Galilea on the 5EW website we will have total support form 5EW's agent PRINTS, who state's " if we are one then lets be one together cause there's never been a connection like this ever in the history of art before, but at the end i'm sure you'll say the same yourself. love is all it needs to grow, with so much chaos in the world around my ROYAL, its no wounder way he makes pieces like this, and when his tears finally dry you'll see Androdica. Royal said to me before he started this collection and now i understand, "we all need  Heros in Art"."  -Prints- 

As Royal is still working on a special piece of PR for this art series we stand by getting our pricing right, Originally we were going to release a limited amount of giclee's at $2,000 - $2,800 per item. we are still going to keep the wall art to a limited amount but lower the price so more people can afford the art but we still want these pieces to maintain there appreciation as awards for our buyers, as all money goes to funding for the 5EW movie concept. Were Hoping to provide unique outstanding custom frames to showcase the work, if we cannot do the framing we want then prices will drop drastically, but later custom Androdica framing will still be offered for that additional price of the frame  . We at 5EW Thank you for the patience and the support.


For all Royal D Arte and 5EW studio inquiries contact Prints, Agent of Studio 5EW  -

Monday, April 30, 2012


El Canelo. 
Canelo is an up-and-coming terror of a fighter from Mexico.  In Mid April I got to meet him in big bear as he was training for the MAY 5th fight (Canelo vs. Sugar Shane Mosley) . I got to surprise him with this painting, it would be the start of blessing that would part an unknown arist on the map in the boxing community along with his company 5EW. spotting him long ago before his rise to the top, the artist Royal d' Art would make a play on the famous obey propaganda poster by putting a boxer into the Shepard fairy composition.     
-about the painting-
"i just want something easy to be remembered for him, something that reflects our time, iconic. i painted  the image first in a grayscale and afterwords would attempted to put it on a t-shirt resulting in seeing what i would later  pull and pull for a mouth till i found the image I wanted to push. I took into consideration everything, his age and i would  have loved if it were me. i had a lot of people telling me why leave Reyes on the glove? it was a personal Decision, i could have easily changed it to Royal but it wasn't about that. The first gloves i ever put on were Reyes and my last ones were too and loved them.


RADICAL MAN                                                                                 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's so amazing
 time and time again to see water
freeze and sustain an image of mind , body and soul.
 painting is of the soul purpose of showing beauty even in the depths of chaos,
 a soul never dies but free's its self through a vibration that even eye's can feel.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse

Digital painting

Amy Winehouse reference from music video back to black

wondering through the darkness trying to find her way
betting on her grave
was all they had to say
Exploited by the tabloids
Judged for her pain
a Soul Figure
hiding Demons she tried to conquer and explain.
Though the pain made her Money and her fame was a game
no one really bothered by the end of her name.
so we listen to her sorrows and attempt to understand
but few will ever know
truly how far her darkness ran.

-Rest in peace Amy Winehouse-

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Pirates 3, i Meet my favorite actor and get to confront him with his panting as 
a tribute to him. i was working on the set as a guard, watching the 
black pearl in san pedro. i got to stay on the ship. one afternoon on 
a sunday i climbed to the top of the crows nest and painted a picture 
that i gave to him the next day after signing my piece, i had dropped out of college to go and work on this 
movie just to meet him, "it was worth it".


Live at the Sky Club, thanks Mr. Lopez


Brotha Gimel, Jason,  Royal D Art, and IN-Q   this was painted in front of a live audience 
on stage at the actors lounge in Hollywood

X56^- Area 1

Definition of x56^- Top secret - all acrylic, all paint brush

Mayan before Maya

5EW - Who's the joker?

Betrayed By Love making art his home,
Still going crazy in his zone,
only the artist knows why he's alone
For it is the chaos as inside the fast moving urban mind, 
i cut my hair for you,
My Love, My Art
 my True measure of time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


we all love to paint with are wacom tabs but in this pic i painted with the mouse, know joke
, i have more love for my Wacom pen tool now.

Friday, September 18, 2009